Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Poker Challenge: Day 19

So the past few weeks have yielded little results. I have a few bad beats and some bad behaviour I need to work on. But study has been my main focus asking questions on poker forums and trying to understand how people get through the variance in the micro stakes.

The answer is, it's not easy and most would say it's a waste of time. But that isn't the spirit of this challenge! So essentially I need to press on with the freerolls. I got my bankroll up to the dizzy heights of $6 but now I'm currently crawling at $3.99.

I will have another post lined up in a few days. This is just a quick update to keep the blog rolling, rolling, rolling. Ok I need to stop listening to Limp Bizkit. I just did it all for the.....never mind.

Speak soon

713 Days

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